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Title:Integrating Armenia into European Research Area
Duration:2011 - 2013


The overall aim of INARMERA was to reinforce the cooperation capacity of the Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care (CMG) in Yerevan, Armenia, by creating possibilities to improve its research activities in the areas of thematic priorities of FP7. 


The Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care of Armenia (CMG) is the only health center in Armenia and in South Caucasus that provides comprehensive genetic and molecular testing services with basic and clinical research, with different molecular diagnostic programs, study of the genetics of Mendelian and complex traits. The Centrer has played a leading role in a number of high-profile clinical and genetic studies, including molecular genetics, biochemical, cytogenetic, immunohistochemical services, molecular diagnostics of infections, as well as genetic counselling. CMG also provides a broad range of services for children and adults in its out-patient clinic facility. CMG is the first Armenian institution that has established close collaborations between medical geneticists and physicians. Also the staff of CMG has many years of experience and has developed active and fruitful scientific collaborations with well-known institutions and hospitals in Europe and the USA. One of the elements of the strategic development of CMG is to establish strong research programs that directly relevant to the medical genetic problems of Armenia. CMG permanently supports the creation of innovative projects in the fields of medical genetics, women’s health, infectious diseases, and cancer genetics and genetic epidemiology.


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