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Title:Linking Strategies, Foresight and Stimulation of EU - Russia Cooperation in Nanoelectronics Technology
Duration:2010 - 2012


Leading research centres of Belgium (IMEC), France (CEA), Germany (Fraunhofer Society), and Italy (CNR) along with universities and research centres in Moscow (Lomonosov State University and MIKRON JSC), St Petersburg (Academic University Nanotechnology Research Education Centre RAS and the Electrotechnical University ETU), and RAS institutes in Novosibirsk and Ulan-Ude, have created within this FP7 Coordination and Support Action Project networks aiming at strengthening the EU-Russia cooperation in Nanoelectronics.

Joint working groups of experts have specified subjects for thirteen collaborative R&D pilot projects in prospective areas including: high-k and low-k dielectrics, nanoscale electronic devices with low-dimensional nanostructured materials, 3D self-assembly for molecular electronics, band gap of graphene epitaxially grown on SiC, etc. Within EU-RU.NET, a pilot project was defined as a small-scale preliminary effort conducted before the main research to test an idea or working approach. Pilot projects targeted generation of new knowledge, joint publications, and eventually possibility of continuation in the form of new EU, Russian or bilateral R&D projects.

A Foresight study was carried out on the future of EU-Russia cooperation in Nanoelectronics. The Strategy Experts Group analysed the outcome of pilot projects, developed roadmaps and proposed new actions. Recommendations on linking strategies and strengthening cooperation have been prepared for the EU and Russian officials responsible for the development of Nanoelectronics.

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