European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer


The European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (EuroTex) is an international non-profit making association, established in 1999 under the Belgian law, and devoted to the transfer of knowledge, innovation, and technology between EU Member States and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries and Russia, to the mutual benefit of all countries involved.

The name EuroTex stands for the word European and the word Technology in Russian (Технология).

The Objective of EuroTex is 

  • To introduce to the European Companies the innovations, prototypes of technological products and the know-how developed in the ENP counties;
  • To promote and encourage participation of scientists from the ENP countries in the EU funded joint research and technology projects;
  • To train the scientists from the ENP counties in better understanding of the EU Framework Programmes (FP7 & H2020) as well as the workings of the European Union;
  • To help create an atmosphere of trust between European Companies and the innovators from the ENP countries and Russia in order to originate new products and services, and by this to promote technological research activities as an essential element for social and economic progress and consolidation of democracy in these countries.


In 2006 EuroTex opened its new branch office in Armenia.

Address: Mkhitar Herazi 2A, 1025 Yerevan, Armenia

GSM: +374 98 55 30 98 


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